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Aladdin's Lamp is a 1947 Mighty Mouse cartoon.


In Arabia, a feline bandit kidnaps Aladdin's beautiful daughter. Mighty Mouse saves the day in this operetta parody.


Aladdin's daughter longs for Mighty Mouse. Aladdin tries to cheer her up by using his magic lamp to offer her other gifts, but she only wants Mighty Mouse. Meanwhile, a cat bandit arrives at the palace and spies on the princess, plotting to claim her for his own. The bandit barges in (singing all the way) on the princess and kidnaps her. Aladdin tries to stop him, but the bandit steals his lamp and knocks him unconscious. The bandit gets on his horse (who sings a lot, too) and rides off with the princess. Suddenly, Mighty Mouse flies down from the sky (on a flying carpet! to the rescue. The bandit uses the lamp against Mighty Mouse by unleashing a boar, a tiger and then a dragon, but Mighty Mouse defeats them all. Mighty Mouse rescues the princess from the bandit. The bandit tries to kill Mighty Mouse with his sword, but he's no match for Mighty Mouse's strength and is quickly defeated. Mighty Mouse returns the princess to the palace of Baghdad, and reunites her with her father and agrees to live with her (he hears there's a lot of oil around there). And they live happily ever after. But one thing is puzzling. Isn't the lamp supposed to have a genie in it?

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