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Anderson Craig 1904-1964 was a Background Artist who first worked at Fleischer Studios then Terrytoons


Anderson Craig Was born on April 15th, 1904 in Iowa City, Iowa, To a Doctor Named Arthur Still Craig, and Marie Craig, He took courses at Kansas City Missouri and left to New York State in the late 1920's, His first Animation work was at Fleischer Studios From 1934-1935, Then after that, Left to work on Terrytoons Where he became the top Selling Background Artist in the Studio, In 1952, He left the studio to form his own Animation Company, but left in 1959 to go back to Terrytoons, as a Animation Director, But that didn't happen as he left to Springfield, Massachusetts to work on Bay State Film Productions. [1]


He Died on February 21st, 1964 in Springfield, Massachusetts due to Unknown Causes,