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Art Bartsch, 1904-1971 Was a Animator, Layout Artistf, and Director for Terrytoons,


He was born on November 3rd, 1904 possibly in New York, As Arthur Edward Bartsch. He attended Pratt Institute and Phoenix Metropolitan Art School, his first training was at The Stanley E Gunnison Agency,[1]


According to IMDB, He first worked for The Van Beuren studio, But that was short lived Because the Studio Closed down in 1936. Then after that, Around 1937 , Arthur Joined Terrytoons as a Background Then Layout Artist, Which was his only Animation job after Van Beuren And Then, He became a Director in 1958, and worked on The First Cinemascope Sidney the Elephant Cartoon said year, He was one of the Last Directors before he fell Ill and died, After that, Tom Morrison became the Last Surviving Director of Terrytoons until he died in February of 1971 in Chicago Illinois due to a Illness at age 66. He also done Animation too

Personal Life[]

He married someone named Marguerite, She and Arthur at the time lived in Brondville, New York. He had a son who attended at University of Chicago at the time, He enjoyed Bowling, Golf, and Poker. Well, when he was winning, as he was competitive at those i think, and he had two hobbies, Photography, and Woodworking, [2]