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Arthur Kay (1881-1969) was a German American Composer and Conductor and was a Voice Actor for the Terrytoons Studio


He was Born on January 16, 1881, in Berlin Germany as Arthur Ferdinand Kautsenbach.

In 1911, he left Germany to immigrate to America to Be an Assistant Conductor for a conductor named Karl Muck who was also an immigrant from Germany and later became friends with Operetta Conductor Victor Herbert and conducted some of his shows. and Sid Grauman hired him in the late 1910s as a Conductor in Grauman's Million Dollar Theatre.

He also composed and conducted for various feature films such as the 1939 MGM film Gone with the Wind.

He came to Terrytoons and voice acted for 3 years from 1938 to 1941. During that time, he conducted for the Los Angeles Civic Theatre Orchestra.


He died on December 19, 1969, at the age of 88 In Hollywood, California.

Voice Acting Work[]

Gandy Goose


Most of the characters from The Three Bears (1939) with the exception of Godilocks and Baby Bear.

Looey Lion

and additional voices