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Big Chief No Treaty is a 1962 Deputy Dawg cartoon.


Deputy Dawg tries to prevent a troublemaking Native American chief from stealing from the Henhouse, the Watermelon Patch and the Priceless Persimmon Tree. Big Chief No Treaty also catches fish without a license. When he captures Big Chief No Treaty, the sheriff orders the chief set free so that a peace treaty can be signed between the chief and the town council. Muskie and Vince decide to steal more eggs from the henhouse disguised as Big Chief No Treaty. When the chief comes on the scene, Deputy Dawg shoots him with a shotgun. The Indian is so mad that he wages war against the bumbling lawman. All ends happily, though, when Deputy Dawg saves the chief from a fire and Big Chief No Treaty finally signs the peace agreement with the town officials of Creek Mud. He also makes Deputy Dawg an honorary chief and a blood brother. That only makes poor Deputy Dawg faint.