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William (Bill) M. Weiss 1907-2001 was a Executive Producer at Terrytoons from 1957-1971


William M. Weiss (Bill) was born on September 15 1907 in USA

His first Job was a producer in 1931's The Champ by MGM

He then worked on Terrytoons in 1947 with a Fight for the Finish as Production Manager, Although, He was Paul Terry's Accountant while Frank Moser Sued Paul

His biggest role was when he became Executive Producer at The Studio in the mid 1950's and he took over Complete control, It was rumored that he hated the new cartoons and wanted Gene Deitch Fired on the spot

He and Newt Schwin where the ones that "Doomed Terrytoons" And after Terrytoons ended, He (Bill) Continued Terrytoons production in his New York office.


  • On November 12,2001. He died at the age of 94 due to Possibly old age