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William (Bill) M. Weiss 1907-2001 was a Executive Producer at Terrytoons from 1957-1971


William M. Weiss (Bill) was born on September 15 1907 in USA. He was an Executive Producer and Terry's personal assistant, as in 1936. He was Terry's accountant as Terry pushed Weiss to sue Frank Moser when he tried to sue Paul Terry back in 1936, [1] Around 1955, After Paul Terry sold the studio to CBS. With Terry granting Weiss with a Five Year tenure, Newt Schwin came up to Deitch and made him an offer over at Terrytoons. as that is when Deitch met Weiss, Who was now the owner of the studio. He done a lot of stuff to get rid of Deitch, Like claiming that Deitch's new characters weren't doing well. Changed the Venue of weekly meetings to New York, and telled CBS brass that Deitch's new films were going overbudget and all. as new methods required experimentation, as in 1958, Deitch was fired, and in 1959, He packed his bags and left to Prague, Czechslovakia under the influece of William L. Snyder. [2] Around this time, Weiss brought back the old characters and changed Deitch's creations like Foofle and Clint Clobber back into Dimwit and Howard the Bear respectively. Weiss also eliminated Technicolor and later Cinemascope. He was one of the few crew members left when the Animation department of the studio closed down around 1968 or so. And according to an interview, Weiss knew that Computers would take over and be the future of Animation and that a lot of T.V. Work and cartoons animated by Japanese studios will be the new normal as well [3] as he retired and probably had a Peaceful life before his death. He also married Rita Romaner and had a son named Lawrence.


  • On November 12,2001. He died at the age of 94 due to Possibly old age