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Rokuro "Bob" Kuwahara 1901-1964 was an animator, Layout artist, director, and creator of Hashimoto-san for Terrytoons


Bob Kuwahara (Robert) was born on August 12 1901 in Japan. around 1910 or so. He and his family immigrated to America. In which Kuwahara would spend half of his childhood and most of his teenage years in California, In which he graudated from the John H. Francis Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles around 1921. The same High school that early Minnie Mouse voice actress, Marcelettie Garner went. [1] He also attended the Otis Art Institute and graudated from it around 1928. He made his first encounter into New York around 1929 but headed back to California after the Stock Market Crash around the same year and The Great Depression hit. working for Disney and MGM, But later got involved in WWII as he was one of the many Japanese-Americans to get trapped in the American concentration camps. Originally getting in the Santa Anita camp and then at Heart Mountain in Wyoming [2]. But around 1945. Kuwahara and his family were released and after an unsuccessful attempt in Chicago, Went to New York again to work over at Terrytoons in 1950. but not reciving credit until 1957. In 1959, He created Hashimoto-san and wrote, directed, and animated some of the cartoons. He still done work for Terrytoons right before he died in 1964 at age 63.

Personal Life.[]

Somewhere around the late 20's/early 30's he married a woman named Julia and had two sons. Denis, who died in 2015 and was an electrical engineer for stuff related to Aerospace[3]. and Michel. Who attended Fordham University to pursuit in Creative writing and painting. Bob also loved Golf as well.