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Carlo A Vinciguerra, Or known as Carlo Vinci, 1906-1993, was a Animator who worked on Multiple studios, notably Terrytoons from 1936-1955,


Carlo A Vinciguerra (Carlo Vinci) was born on February 27th, 1906 in New York City, New York. to Italian immigrants Andrea, (Barber) and Maria (Seamstress) . He got his first job in 1921, at the age of 15, as an Artist and builder for 11 years until the Great Depression hit, So to get more pay for his family, He took a Job in animation, First working at Van Beuren Studios from 1933 until the studio closed in 1936. There, he helped train a Animator named Joseph Barbera, and got him his first job in animation as an Inbetweener, Who later went over to Terrytoons, he also participated in the 1947 Terrytoons strike, but it he later returned. In 1955, He got a letter from his friend and Protege and animator, Joe Barbera, to join him at MGM, But he is still credited as an Animator for Terry until 1957, So he packed up his bags and left to Culver city California, Taking his wife Margaret, his 4 children, and a Dog. Unfortunately, MGM Closed down their animation department in 1957 and thus Carlo didn't had a job, So Joe lend him a job over at Walt Disney were he worked for Donald Duck cartoons, he was one of the four original animators to be Hired at Hanna Barbera, and he was a Consistent and Sharp animator at the studio, and Notably being the animator for Fred Flintstone in the Flintstones, He later retired from animation in 1979, Thus ending his 46 year animaton career for good.[1]

Career at Terrytoons[]

He was one of the animators to get a Job at Terrytoons when he was laid off after Van Beuren Closed, There he was assigned to Animate Dance Scenes, He was noted as a Great Animator at the Terry studio, and he was one of it's best animators along with Jim Tyer, [2]

Personal Life and Death[]

In 1938, He met a woman called Margaret Leonard. and in 1939, They ended up marrying and had 4 kids, He also adopted a dog. and on September 29th, 1993. He died in Ventura, California at age 87.