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DeWitt Clinton Clobber is a middle-aged handyman created by Gene Deitch, he's a grouchy hotel worker whose in charge of keeping things from falling apart, while he may be disagreeable he does have a soft spot and talks in a Brooklyn accent.


When former UPA alumni Gene Deitch was gifted the opportunity of supervising the shorts made at TerryToons he decided to shy away from the already established characters and wanted to make new and more unique creations, Clint himself was made as a somewhat more subtle personality than what the studio had typically done before, such as Heckle and Jeckle.

He was a humanoid character, the superintendent of the run-down old New York apartment building, known as the Flamboyant Arms with all the callousness and bad attitude typical of the position. And yet, he was pretty soft and quite sensitive on the inside, at least when nobody was watching. He showed true tenderness, especially, for the decrepit, disreputable building he cared for and for his job of caring for it, his first cartoon was 1957 short "Clint Clobber's Cat" which showed all of this.

Clint Clobber was voiced in this first cartoon by Doug Moye, who had voiced a lot of tough guys for the studio in the past,  And worked as a Cameraman for the studio. however for one reason or another he was replaced soon after by Allen Swift, a good friend of Gene who always voiced characters in his projects even after he left the studio.

Clint Clobber was strictly a product of the 1950s as Bill Weiss openly disliked Gene's work and wanted to be the one in charge of creating the shorts, as such when Gene was fired from the studio Clint was not revived, with the character's final film being 1959's "The Flamboyant Arms".






  • Gene later went on to direct several Tom and Jerry cartoons for MGM, in 3 of these 13 short subjects Tom was given an owner with explosive anger towards his pet. Design-wise he looks very similar to Clint Clobber, though rounder and less sharp, for years fans of both TerryToons and MGM cartoons had not only referred to this character as Clint Clobber but also assumed they were the same person, however, Gene went on to state that they were not meant to be one and the same.