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A Rudy Valee mouse sings "Good Evening" and a few gags ensue before we cut to Farmer Al Falfa and his Cat, Who are trying to sleep, Which turns out that the Mice were dancing in Farmer Al Falfa's House. The Cat takes note of it and all of the other mice scram except for two Other mice. The cat tells the Boy mouse to scram. But said mouse doesn't and he gets knocked out by the Cat. The girl mouse takes offence to this and starts speaking french to the Cat while the Cat punches her. The Boy mouse wakes up and gets out of the mice hole to tell a Mouse General that "He hit a Woman he did!". In which the General rides on his mechanical horse, And sounds the bugle for all of the other mice to take note and attack. Then it's the usual. Hundreds of Mice storm into Farmer Al Falfa's house to get his cat. Al refuses, And then chaos ensues as in the end. Farmer Al Falfa is being dragged out from his house and into the sunset


  • Original title was called "Dancing Mice"
  • The Animation Draft for this Cartoon exists