J Conrad "Connie" Rasinski was a director For Terrytoons Studio from 1937 til the early/mid-1960s


John. Conrad Rasinski was born on January 28, 1907, As Constastine Rasinski In Torrington Connecticut.. His Father was a Polish Violinist. He grew up in Waterbury, Connecticut before going to New York around 1925. [1] He studied with Norman Rockwell at the Art Students League of New York and around 1929, He joined Terrytoons as an inker when They were located around Long Island.  in 1937. 7 years later, he became a Director. He also worked in Comics. His animation was a More "Sophisticated" Version of Jim Tyer

He worked at Terrytoons up until a Few days until his death. and On his last day, He was carried by Doug Crane because His Body was frail. He died in Larchmont, New York on October 13, 1965, at the age of 58 of a Heart Attack,


  • He was a Mentor who Trained a Lot of Animators such as John Gentilella, Martin Taras, and Ralph Bakshi.


  • He had a Dog named Pago. Which was used in some Terry Bears Shorts. He also had a parrot named Sparky


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