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Allen A. Chiarito, (1931-1996) Was a Animator who did Animation for A Lot of studios from Terrytoons to Star Toons


Al Chiarito was born on November 1st, 1931. In Yonkers, New York to Archibald and Franches Chiarito. [1] Al Got his start in Terrytoons in 1949 as a Cel Washer and Became an Assistant Animator. He Apparently Joined the Korean War and was in the GI Bill Program in the Art Students League. But Got Kicked out and went back to Terrytoons. Animating until 1966, He also done Comics and Commercials in New York. Before going to Bajus-Jones Film Corp in 1982 in Minnesota. Where we was a Trainer to Kirk Tingbad. He headed back east In 1988 and then Back to the Midwest to Animate At Star-Toons. Which did Animation for Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. He Died in 1996.[2]

Personal Life[]

  • He Married Evelyn Sheba Chiarito and had 3 children; a son, Allen J. Chiarito. and two daughters, Debra and Vivian. He later married Nancy Corbett Chiarito.