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Curbside is a 1999 pilot created by Nickelodeon. The pilot would've centered around Heckle and Jeckle, and to a lesser extent Dinky Duck, hosting a late-night style talk show. The series would've featured segments of Heckle and Jeckle being told a story by a guest, Sidney Tragedies which would star Sidney the Elephant only for something bad to happen right at the end, and Mighty Mouse Club (A fan club which its name is a play on the Mickey Mouse Club) in which Heckle and Jeckle would read a comic book starring Mighty Mouse.


Heckle and Jeckle, along with their assistant, Dinky Duck, host a late-night style talk show that would feature new Terrytoons shorts starring Deputy Dawg, Sidney the Elephant, and Mighty Mouse.


  • In this pilot, Heckle and Jeckle were changed from magpies to crows.
  • Deputy Dawg's segment was much different from his original series, now Muskie was his partner, and Vincent Van Gopher was not only changed from purple to green, but puzzlingly changed from Muskie's best friend, to a villainous outlaw. The Sheriff was not present in this segment either
  • Sidney's cast was expanded for this show, now including a mute baby hippo, who went unnamed.
  • Tom Terrific no longer has the power to transform, now being just a normal boy.
  • Gandy Goose and Sourpuss did not appear in this pilot, despite being mainstays of the brand, this was likely nothing more than a lack of interest in using the pair. However, some fans believe this was actually to avoid comparisons to Ren and Stimpy.
  • Despite the pilot being an attempt at reviving the Terrytoons characters, it was never picked up, making it the only Terrytoons show that was never officially released.
  • This was the only Terrytoon show to be animated by Rough Draft Korea and the second Terrytoons series to be animated overseas.
  • According to Jerry Beck, Everyone except Robert Taylor knew and watched the Original Terrytoons, and it is possible that Nickelodeon secured the rights to the characters for money.
  • Likewise, Gene Deitch was horrified of what they have done to Tom Terrific as the character was changed to an ordinary kid who needed to be rescued, and this pilot sadly killed off any remaining interest Viacom had in a Terrytoons revival


  • The character Carol is referred to as a "he" despite being a female.
  • The names of Heckle and Jeckle are different, with Jeckle being Heckle and Heckle Being Jeckle.