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Dan Gordon (1902-1970) was an animator and director for Terrytoons and other animation studios.


Dan Gordon was born on July 13th, 1902. In Pittson, Pennsylvania as Daniel Campbell Gordon to Josh and Margaret Gordon (nee Campbell). and in 1906, George Gordon was born and in 1910, the Gordons moved from Pittson to The Bronx, New York.[1] After working in the archteictural business. He went to Van Beuren in 1933. The same year in which Carlo Vinci joined Van Beuren, Gordon got a director's credit over at Van Beuren with 1936's "It's a Greek Life" being his only director's credit there, and when the studio closed in 1936. He was one of the people to migrate over to Terrytoons by becoming a part of the story and direction department there. In which he and Joe Barbera worked on 1937's Pink Elephants together.[2] Although Paul Terry got credit for that along with Gordon as well, but in mid-1937, both Dan and George Gordon left along with Barbera and Jack Zander

headed over to MGM's Cartoon Department. But it was short-lived as Gordon later went back east to work for Fleischer Studios. First to shortly try to re-write on what would later become Gulliver's Travels. and the second when Fleischer was in Miami and directed the "Superman" animated series. [3] He also worked for Famous Studios when it was originaly located in Miami as well. But was fired when the studio moved to New York. Which led him to briefly retire from Animation to work in the Comic Book indsutry. Working for ACG and DC on comics like Superkatt, Funny Films, Puss and Boots, Cookie O'Toole, and more.[4] but in 1957, He came back to animation. Working at his former colleauge from Terrytoons and MGM, Joe Barbera at Hanna-Barbera. He did Storyboards, (Story Sketches) Writing, Layouts, and additional stuff for the studio until sometime around the late 1960's or so. In which he retired and moved to Altanta, Georiga. He died in a nursing home in Altanta, Georgia on August 13, 1970 from Liver Disease.


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