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Dave Tendlar 1909-1993 was an animator for Terrytoons and other animation studios


David Benjamin Tendlar was born on August 30th, 1909. in Dayton, Ohio. Nothing is really known about his early life except that he attended Stivers High School (Now known as Stivers School for the Arts) and that his family moved to New York around 1926, After that. He got his first job working as an Ink and Paint artist for the Out of the Inkwell studio, Ran by Max Fleischer, After that. He later found work over at Ben Harrison and Manny Gould's studio. Which after sound came in around 1929 and Charles Mintz decided to make the move to California by 1930. Tendlar stayed in New York while working for John McCrory's studio as an Inbetweener than an Animator, He later came back at the than 2 year old Fleishcer Studio around 1931. But didn't get his own animation unit until 1934, After that. He also spent his time doing Layouts, Character Designs, and Timing as well as doing the animation and running his own animaton unit, He was also one of the people that moved to Fleishcer when the studio moved from New York to Florida, Serving as a Animation Director and later moving back to New York over at Famous Studios, Tendlar continued animating over at Famous Studios and later got promoted to one of the creative directors over at the studio, Along with Isadore Sparber and Seymour Kneitel. But around 1956, Tendlar left Famous to later work at Terrytoons, serving as an animator and director. But he left around 1966 or 1967 to briefly work for the Hal Seeger studio, and by 1968. He was gone from New York and headed to California, In which he spent his time animating for studios like Filmation and Hanna-Barbera before retiring in 1980. But he gave newcomers some advice as he served as an instructor/mentor. In addition to animating, He also dabbled into the field of comic books as well.[1]



  • In 1933, He married Beatrice Lang, She was a widow after Tendlar died until she died in 1997