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Edward (Eddie, Edwin, Ed) Donnelly was a guy who Directed, Written, and Animated for The Fables studio, Disney, Van Beuren, and Later on. Terrytoons He is one of the people who got the Directing credit in said studio.


Edward Donnelly's early life is Unknown, He apparently was Italian-American. But he is said to be working on a New York Newspaper Illiustrating Cartoons for the New York World, But he got his First Animation gig in 1923. At the Aseop Fables Studio, where Paul Terry and a lot of other Terry animators Used to work at, He later went on to Animate at the Van Beuren Studio. But he later left the studio to Go to the West coast at Disney, but he later left to go Back to Van Beuren after getting laid off from Disney in 1933. But when the studio went under in 1936, He went over to work at Terrytoons for the remainder of His Career, Directing, Animating, and Writing. He stayed even when Gene Deitch Briefly Took Over the studio, But it wasn't until 1962 when he retired from animation, Thus ending his 39 Year Career in animation. [1]