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Frank Moser. 1886-1964. Was a cartoonist, director, and animator who worked with Paul Terry and co-founded Terrytoons.


Frank Moser was born on May 27th, 1886 in Oketo, Kansas as Francis (Frank) Herman Moser, to a Farmer named John Jacob [1] and an German immigrant named Alvenia. He and Martha, a teacher from San Fransisco, California. Were both the youngest in the family. He recieved education for his art studies over at the Art Students Leauge and National Acadmey of Design in New York, Around 1916. He got his start in animation over at the International Film Service. But was later drafted into WWI sometime later. [2] After that, He came back to the animation game, Animating for studios like Bray Productions. The same studio that had Paul Terry, Walter Lantz, The Fleischer Brothers, Vernon Stallings, and a handful of others working for the studio. He started collabarating with Terry in 1919. Around 1921, He was invited over by Paul Terry again to be one of his first or so animators to work for his company. "Fables Pictures, Inc." Promoted to the sparse onscreen credits in 1926, He kept on working until after Terry got fired in 1929 as he persuaded Moser to join "Moser-Terry-Coffman", Which would later become Terrytoons. [3] He was also noted as a professional "speed wizard" among the staff, Although according to longtime N.Y. animation veteran, Emanuel "Mannie" Davis. He along some others said that Moser, While great at animating, was not that great in the humor department and that most of the staff were at odds at him during that. [4] Around 1936, Moser would try to sue Paul Terry because of a business deal gone wrong, As he would later retire from cartooning afterwards. Until that point, He, Along with Paul Terry, Composer and conductor Philip A. Scheib. and owner of Educational Pictures, E.W. Hammons. Recieved the sparse screen credits over at Terrytoons. He would later live a life of painting and running an art club until his death on September 30th/October 1st, 1964 (Sources may vary). In Dobbs Ferry, New York at the age of 78.

Personal Life and Controversey[]

Moser got marred to Anna Margareta Hard (Nilsson) sometime around the early 1910's. As their marriage bloomed, They had two kids. Marjorie, Who died in 1929 from tubercular menigitis, His wife also commited suicide as well by posioning herself with gas. And around 1938, He struck down Manfred Haputmann, Son of Charles Lindbergh baby kidnapper, Richard Haputmann. and was sued. [5]


Moser had an influence on a lot of the early Terrytoons staff, In which most of the top animators during the early days were assistants to Moser. People like Bill Tytla and Art Babbit among a handful of others. And according to Babbit. He bragged about he was the fastest animator in the business. [6]