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Eugene Merill (Gene) Deitch, (1924-2020) was an Animator and Director who animated and created characters at Terrytoons

He spent the majority of his adult life in The Czech Republic. He was the last oldest living member of the Terrytoons crew. as He Died from Natural Causes


Gene Deitch was born on August 25th, 1924 to a salesman named Joseph Deitch and his wife Ruth.

In 1929, when he was 4/5 years old, his family moved from Illinois to California.

He attended school in Hollywood and graduated in 1942 at the Los Angeles High School.

In 1943, he became drafted at the North American Aviation. That is where he met his first wife, Marie and he later caught Pneumonia and was discharged.

He first started out his animation career By working at a magazine called The Record Changer. He then worked at UPA.

He is survived by his second wife and three sons.

He sadly passed away in early 2020 from natural causes.

Career at Terrytoons[]

Deitch Left UPA around 1956 or something like that and started working for Terrytoons.

There He created characters like Clint Clobber, John Doormat, Sidney the Elephant, Tom Terrific, and more.

His career at the Studio was brief, Bill Weiss was next in line to become producer, and from the very start, he did everything he could to remove Deitch[1], claiming that his new characters were not doing very well, even though most characters normally need time to gain fame. Deitch thought that his newest creation, Tom Terrific would keep in charge, as being a TV character he'd be seen weekly, while the character was a big hit, by the time his cartoons began airing Deitch had already been fired, in 1959. Gene Deitch Packed his bags and left for Czechoslovakia, Bill Weiss took over, and he (Deitch) later created an animation studio known as Rembrandt, where he and his crew made work such as the short Munro, (His son at the time, Seth Deitch, voiced the titular character) 13 Tom And Jerry shorts, several made for TV Popeye cartoons, and Krazy Kat cartoons as well, the Nudnik series of theatrical shorts, and more.