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George Cannata, 1908-1978, Was a American Animator who had a Long Career In Animation and had a Brief Stint over at Terrytoons


George Cannata was born on July 8th, 1908. In New Jersey. (USA) He Started his 50 Year Career in Animation At the Pat Sullivan Studio in 1923 as a Blackener. (Sullivan didn't had any Cels, so they Did the Animation on Paper) [1] However, in 1928. After 5 Years at The Studio, He Left Sullivan and Became a Animator at Fleishcer, He Also had a Stint over at the Ub Iwerks Studio, And Walter Lantz. Around 1935, George had a Very Brief Stint at the Van Beuren Studio, Before it closed down in 1936. in 1937, He came over to work At Terrytoons For a Brief Time, There he worked on Cartoons Such as Chris Columbo, Lights Out, The Goose Flies High, and More. [2] He Later Left the Studio for another Stint at Disney, Then Warner Brothers, and Terrytoons again. He Has Other Stints at Steven Krantz/Bakshi. Robert Larwence, Ray Patin, John Sutherland, Pantonime, Famous Studios, and Hanna Barbera. He also Freelanced On The New Yorker. in 1973, He Retired from Animation and Had a 5 Year Retirement Before His Death

Personal Life[]

He Got Married and had Two Children that Worked in the Animation Business, George Jr, and Delores.


On February 8th, 1978. George Died at the age of 69 in his Home in Los Angeles, California