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George Gordon. 1906-1986 was an director, animator, and layout artist for Terrytoons and other animation studios


George Gordon was born on September 6th, 1906 in Pittson, Pennsylvania. His older brother was Dan Gordon, and he started his animation career at Terrytoons in 1930. [1] Originally an Assistant animator who rose up to the rank of becoming an animator, and in 1936. Was promoted to the head of Animation department and got director's credits over at The studio. But around 1937. He was one of the exodus of staff to head over to MGM. In which he worked for The studio's animated adaptation of The Captain and The Kids series. But left in 1943 to make Army films, and later in the 1950's. Worked for John Sutherland Productions before heading on out to UPA, Fred Calvert, and Hanna Barbera before retiring in 1984 and dying on May 24th, 1986 in Apple Valley, California [2]