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We start off this cartoon with some Mice golfing and an Elephant golfing too. as the Elephant reaches his Golfball into a canon. One of the Golfing Mice says "Fore!" and Hits a lot of Golfballs with his Golf club... Which lands into someone's laundry which turns out to be a lot of golfballs as one of them lands into an Elephant's hole. Then after that, The Golfing mouse writes his score and ends up golfing again. ... Only to end up hitting a window of a "Stereotypical" Chinese Laundry shop owned by some Asian cats. But as usual. The Predator is always outfoiled by his Prey as the Mouse runs off in his small car after beating one of the cats with the golf club. Which after the car passes some rich Cat's fancy Limo. He ends up driving fast and golfing while on the road. Which causes some attention by some Motorcycle cops who end up chasing after the mouse. Which ends up with the Mouse colliding with the cops and The Mouse being dead from the impact. He is then sent to an elevator to Heaven in which he meets some skeletons. And when the Mouse gets to heaven. God (Probably Farmer Al Falfa playing that role) says. "What's your score?". The mouse hands the big guy upstairs his score.... Only to get replied back with "Liar!" and ends up knocking the dead mouse with a Mallet which goes straight into Hell. In which we end this cartoon with a bunch of Cats chasing the mouse into the sunset.


  • Probably not included in the U.S. Packaging prints of Terrytoons syndication... Maybe because of the Chinese stereotyping and the Mouse getting killed and sent to hell