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Honorable Family Problem is a 1962 Hashimoto-san cartoon.


We begin this cartoon with Hashimoto-San teaching his children, Subaro and Yuriko some caligraphy. But Yuriko calls Hashimoto as Dad and Subaro calls him Pops. Which he learned from a Comic book. Hashimoto then proceeds to get angry at Subaro for calling him "Pops" and changes it back. Then Yuriko is listening to a Rock and Roll song, In which Hashi proceeds to turn it off and replace it with a more traditional Japanese song. then we see Hashimoto's wife, Hanako using a Vibrator. in which Hashimoto says that Hanako should be making dinner, and she did.... But to Hashimoto's surprise. It's Frozen Suki-Yaki made in Hoboken. All of a sudden, Subaro comes in dressing up as a Cowboy and proceeds to shoot Hashimoto with a plunger, as Yuriko is dressed up as an Indian (Native American). which Subaro lasso's up Hashimoto. but proceeds to run away, Hashimoto-San, Annoyed with American influence taking over Hashi's japanese culture. Decides to take his family to an Imperial Theatre, But one of the performers strips into her bathing suit and dances to said Rock N Roll tune shown earlier to Hashimoto's dismay. Said Rock N Roll Performer ends up in Tokyo Hall and Hashimoto has enough... Cut back to the House of Hashimoto. Hanako, Subaro, and Yuriko proceed to get rid of their stuff from America. But when they do, Hashimoto shows up in an American car with a Beret and Sunglasses. and says "If you can't beat them, Join them". and in the end, Hashimoto drives off with his family as we end this cartoon.