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Hot Turkey is a 1930 Terrytoons cartoon. It's the 3rd cartoon of this


This Opens with Phillip A Scheib and His Orchestra under a Background. After that, We cut to a Girl mouse playing a harp on an Alligator until our Boy mouse comes over and swoops her via by Camel. Which goes into the Sultan's Palace. We then get to see one of the dancers getting the Vadeuville hook as after the dance is over, The Sultan Cat spots the Girl Mouse when She and our protaginist. "Placide" are jumping along with the Camel's rotating heads. He then orders his Harem to capture the Girl and take her into his Palace. After that, The typical Cat and Mouse hi-jinks ensue as in the end. The Sultan is defeated and our Boy Mouse hero ends up getting the girl, as usual.


  • The third Terrytoons cartoon.