It's A Living is a 1957 Terrytoons cartoon directed by Win Hoskins, and the last appearance of Dinky Duck.


Dinky Duck escapes the clutches of a weasel, only to fall off a cliff and into a river, putting him in the path of a ravenous alligator. Dinky stops the film and declares that he has taken enough beatings from these cartoons. He walks off the screen and down the theater aisle, determined to find a better occupation. He walks past a TV showroom and sees a cat doing a mattress commercial. Now that's a soft job. Dinky declares that he is getting on television. He goes to the Go-Go TV studio and immediately gets a job as a spokes-duck. Dinky finds himself in commercials for raincoats, freezers, sun lamps, watches and Niripsa-brand aspirin. He quickly learns that weasels and alligators are nowhere near as dangerous as sponsors.

Trivia Edit

  • The Final Dinky Duck Cartoon to be made and the only Gene Deitch Cartoon to include any of Terrytoons's Original Lineup of Characters
  • This short was made during the Competition of Theatrical Cartoons Vs. Television Cartoons.
  • The Ink and Paint Artists get credited, and one of them is Ralph Bakshi.
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