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Jack Zander. 1908-2007. was an animator for Terrytoons, MGM, and other studios.


Arthur Jack Zander was born on May 3rd, 1908. In Kalamazoo, Michigan. His family moved to Hollywood when he was a teenager and after studying over at the Chouinard Art Institute, Worked for Romer Grey Productions around 1930. Which also had talents like the McKimson brothers, Preston Blair, and Cal Dalton.[1] He later went over to work at Harman-Ising animating for the Bosko cartoons and Leon Schlesinger Productions. But later left to go work for Van Beuren Studios until 1936, and Terrytoons until 1937 in which after that. He was given a call to go to MGM's cartoon department, In which Joe Barbera, Paul Sommer, Dan Gordon, Harvey Eisenberg, and a bunch of others went too. [2] And after animating at MGM and taking a brief stint over at the Signal Corps. He left Theaterical animation and later became a T.V. animator, Animating for Commercials and later founding his own animation studio, Zander's Animation Parlour. [3] Which also employed people like John Vita, Ed Cerullo, and Jim Logan. But alas, Zander retired around the mid 1980's and stayed in New York, Conducting Interviews and letters until he died on December 21st, 2007. In Pound Ridge, New York at the age of 99.