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Hugh Michael (Jerry) Shields 1884-1939 was a Animator for Terrytoons and The Fables studio He Died due to Suicide by Jumping out of a Building at the Age of 53


Hugh M (Jerry) Shields was born on 1884 in Oakland California to Poor Irish Immigrants And was a farm boy, And Became a Newspaper Cartoonist Around 1910, [1]

History with Terrytoons and stuff[]

In 1911, He (Jerry) Met a Man named John C Terry and began his Animation Career. And in 1914, He and John formed The Movca Film Service in San Fransisco, Later. Around 1916, He and Terry later moved to New York City along with another San Fransisco Cartoonist called Gustavo Bronstrup, Which later moved back to California after Movca folded, and They formed their own studio with Staff from the Defunct Hearst International Service. And around the early 1920s, John's brother Paul Terry Took Jerry away from him and That's where Jerry stayed ever since and started working with him around 1923, and in 1929, Paul Terry along with Frank Moser and Shields later left Fables to work with Moser-Terry-Coffman, then Terrytoons, Unfortunately, his Animation was still in his 1910's work while New Animators like Bill Tytla, Connie Rasinski and more took over, His Last animation work for The Studio was The Goose Flies High in 1938, Then Retired. [2]

Personal Life and death[]

Around some Unspecified time, Jerry Married Helen and He had Acohol Issues, and in 1910, he Drew a cartoon with him jumping off a building, Which he Actually did on May 31st, 1939 out of his Apartment on Riversdale Street in Manhattan, New York, He was 53 Years Old