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James (Jim) Tyer, 1904-1976. Was a Animator who was Known for his Wild

and Sloppy Animation.


Jim was born as James Tyer on February 7th, 1904, In Bridgeport Connecticut, He got his first Animated job in 1926, at age 21/22,[1] as a Animator on the Aseop's Fables Shorts from the Fables Studio, Which would later become Van Beuren 2 Years later, Around 1935, He Left Van Beuren and had a Brief Stint in Los Angeles, California, as a Special Effects Animator in Disney and a Gagman in Harman and Ising Productions, He later left those studios to Fleischer Studios, He Stayed there even when it became Famous Studios, But he then left to work At Terrytoons Studio , There is when he Produced Some Wild Animation there! He worked there until he left until the late 50's, Early 60's He also worked at the Jam Handy Organization in Detroit, Michigan. But he later Rejoined Famous Studios, Now Known as Paramount Cartoon Studios, He also later worked at Hal Seeger Productions, and the 1950's Felix the Cat TV Series. And He had a Brief Stint at Hanna - Barbera, But Alas, He was a Outcast because his Wild, Off-Model Animation style was Different from the Standard, On-Model Animation Style, and he worked on Fritz the Cat, but unfortunately. that was a Problem for him because he was a Devout Catholic, So one day he just got fed up, Slammed his drawings down the desk! and Just Left while Swearing, and after that. He Retired for good. [2] 46 Years of Animation. He died 4 Years Later on March 23rd, 1976 in Farfield Connecticut. At the age of 72.



Jim is known for his Wild animation takes, Most notably known for creating the "Shrink Take" He had a few Immitators in the West Coast, like Rod Scribner and Hugh Fraser[3], His Legacy is remembered by Ralph Bakshi, and the Infamous John Krickfalusi! In the 1970's Animator Tony Eastman made a Tribute to Jim called TV Baby, [4]