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John Foster was an Animator, Director, And Writer for Terrytoons and Van Beuren throughout the 20's and 30's.


John Foster Jr. Was born on November 27th, 1886 In New Jersey to poor German Immigrants John Foster Sr. and Louisa Foster. who settled in Hoboken. Foster was the second Oldest of his Six Siblings and dropped School after the 7th Grade circa 1900. Around 1910, His Parents died and he and his other siblings shared the same Apartment together in Hoboken City, Prior to Animation. He was a Shirt Designer and worked in the Upholstery Business. [1] He was one of the Few Terrytoons people along with Paul Terry and Mannie Davis To fight in WWI. "Going to France with the 306th Field Artillery of the 77th Division, Foster went through eight months of action at the front , including the battle of Argonne."


He Answered a Want ad for "Pen and Ink" Artists and got his start for the Barre-Bowers Studio in Fordham. He was both a Storyman and Animator during this time before Enlisting into service. After that, Foster later got a Job at the Hearst International Film Service and he went to Paul Terry's Aesop Fables studio around 1923. He was later ranked up to Key Animator and Writer. Along with Animators such as Mannie Davis, Frank Moser, Jerry Shields, and Harry Bailey. Around 1929, After Terry left Fables to form his own studio. Foster still remained at Fables. Later Renamed Van Beuren Studios until he got fired around 1933 because of a New Business Manager named Hiram "Bunny" Brown After that, He would work at a Brief stint for Audio-Cinema and would Later go to Terrytoons. With his first animation there being 1934's. Jack Shack. Which overtime, His Animation got more crude. Foster was later credited as Director and then Writer, He Later developed Parkinson's Disease and Retired around 1949. With his Last credit being Dingbat Land. He would later do Radio shows at home which Terry would recycle gags from. He had a Habit of Writing Dream Cartoons and It shows. It got so bad that Terry said to John to "Knock it off with that crap!" [2] He was also credited for Co-Creating Gandy Goose and Dinky Duck

Personal Life.[]

Around 1921. Foster met Barre-Bowers Exposure Sheet and Secretary. Grace Ashton and that led to two Kids. John JR. In 1922, who would later become an Office boy for Terrytoons who possibly had a Mental Disability. And Doris. Born in 1924. He would do Paint work before Entering the Animation field and he had no talent. But still done his work,

  • According to Charlie Judkins. Mannie Davis was his friend and Colleauge


Foster would die on February 16th, 1959 at age 73 thanks to Parkinson's Disease

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