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John Vita. 1913/1917/1918-? Was a Background Artist at Terrytoons, Bill Sturm, Jack Zander, and more


Johnny A. Vita was born either in 1913 or 1917/1918 in Port Chester, New York. He got his start over at Terrytoons in 1935 as a background artist after graudating from Port Chester High School in which he was in the School Baseball Team, [1]. All was well for Mr. Vita until 1940 in which after winning a Lottery raffle, He was drafted into service in WWII under in Europe. In which he apparently seemed to mock then Italian Dictator, Bentio Mussolini.[2] He stayed in the War until 1945, In which he came back to New York and worked for various studios until 1950. In which a Wound from the War or something put him out of the business for two years, But later found work for Bill Sturm and Joe Oriolo until he met Ralph Bakshi. In which after a brief time back at Terrytoons from 1966-1967, Became one of Ralph Bakshi's main Background Artists. With his work on The Fritz The Cat Film being just him taking photos of real life areas around New York, Traced them, and Painted the Backgrounds for them.[3] But quit painting for Bakshi after 1982's Hey Good Lookin'. Choosing not to work for Fire and Ice thanks to him getting tired of communting from Port Chester to Los Angeles.