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Mighty Mouse in Krakatoa is a 1945 animated short. It is the 25th cartoon short of the Mighty Mouse theatrical series.


Mighty Mouse against the old volcano

On an Indonesian island, populated by festive cheerful mice, an old dormant volcano is set off by the torrid dancing of Krakatoa Katie, the hottest dancer of them all. The volcano starts to erupt, sending hot rocks and streams of molten lava down toward the city. An urgent message is sent around the world for help. A seismologist gets the message, drinks a special potion and becomes, and I quote, you guessed it, Mighty Mouse! Our hero flies to the island of Krakatoa; he seals up the volcano and digs a trench, diverting the lava to the sea. Then he carries all of the island natives to the safety of higher ground, and Katie is free to do her sensual dancing again, this time for the hero of the day Mighty Mouse.

Krakatoa Katie dancing for Mighty Mouse

Details []


  • This is possibly a Reference to when the Krakatoa Volcano that erupted in 1883. As this is in Indonesia and the girl is nicknamed Krakatoa Katie
  • Carlo Vinci does the dance animation
  • The Dance Animation was recycled in Comic Book Land