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Larry Silverman 1908-1995 was an animator for Terrytoons and other animation studios


Larry Silverman was born on February 28, 1908 in New York City, New York. His early life is unknown. Although he did get his start as a Cel washer for the Carpetener-Goldman Laboratories Studio. Albeit that only lasted for 3 days, After that. According to his interview. He worked at the Associated Animators studio along with Burt Gillett who made Mutt and Jeff cartoons. And he apparently worked with John Terry's studio. Who subcontracted some of the Bill Nolan made Krazy Kat shorts. Then he worked for Paul Terry's Terrytoons Studio in 1930. Originally starting as a Painter, Than an Inker, and an assistant Animator in Frank Moser's Unit. He then later made his first trip out West as he worked with Walt Disney's studio, But that was cut short when he had a "Run in with Walt" and later. The Harman and Ising studio. After that, He later returned to Van Beuren and worked until 1936 and then he came back to work for Terrytoons until the 1947 strike happened. He also had experience working for the Famous Studio and Film Graphics. [1] He then later returned to Terrytoons but later went back to work at Famous Studios, Now named Paramount Cartoon studios until 1964. which he made his 2nd and final move to the West coast. And that is where he stayed for the last 20 years of his animation career, Animating for Hanna-Barbera and Filmation and retiring in 1984, He later died on January 30th, 1995.