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Larz Bourne 1916-1993 was a writer, character designer, Storyboard artist, and Creator of Deputy Dawg for Terrytoons and other studios


Larz Bourne was born on February 8, 1916 in Knoxville, TN. He graduated from the Chicago School of Professional Cartooning in 1937 and got his first animation career as an Inbetween Artist for Fleischer Studios which at the time was located in Miami, Florida. And after that, Later became a writer for the Famous Studios cartoons and later, Terrytoons in which he created Deputy Dawg and became a character designer. He also worked as a story artist for Terrytoons and the Creator of Deputy Dawg, He then proceeded to work in other studios in the West Coast until retiring around the 1980's. He died on March 14th, 1993. In Saratosa, Flrodia