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Looey Lion is a minor character in Terrytoons. He is an anthropomorphic lion who as the name of his debut cartoon suggests is extremely temperamental when he is pushed to his limits. He made his debut in the 1940 Terrytoons short, The Temperamental Lion.


The Temperamental Lion[]

Looey Lion in his debut cartoon "The Temperamental Lion".

In his debut, Looey Lion was captured by Major Doolittle for exhibition in the Zoo. There Looey was taunted by all of the animals and the Zookeeper. Having had enough after a mischievous monkey puts a skunk in his cage with the Zookeeper chasing after the skunk, Looey sees the plaque with Major Doolittle's address and decides to confront him. After being informed by some lion statues on Major Doolittle's location on the top of an apartment building, he rants to Doolittle about not being promised a Hollywood contract and being put in the zoo instead. Though it looks like Doolittle has the upper hand, a rhino head mount hits Doolittle on the head, causing him to stagger backward and fall off the building, being chased by the two lion statues. Looey Lion lounges on the chair, drinking and smoking at the end of the cartoon while breaking the fourth wall and telling the audience, "Well you don't blame me do you?"

The Lyin' Lion[]

In his Second outing, Looey Gets kicked out of a Circus because he ruined an act in progress, So he tries his best to Perform Circus acts to get him back in there, Unfortunately he ends up getting Kicked out again.

Mrs. Jones's Rest Farm[]

Looey Lion tries to get some rest in a hotel owned by a duck named Mrs. Jones, though a a drunken goat brings in some crazy pink elephants, which prevents his sleep. Eventually, he is chased out of the hotel by the psychic pachyderms.

Other Appearances[]

Looey Lion made a cameo appearance during the final scene of the 1988 film, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" seen briefly several times in the crowd of Toons present in the Acme factory alongside Oscar the Timid Pig, being one of the two notable Terrytoons characters to appear in the film.


  • His mannerisms are similar to the Cowardly Lion from the 1939 MGM "Wizard of Oz" film.