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Emaunel "Mannie" Davis 1894-1975 was an animator and director who worked for Various studios, one of the most notable being Terrytoons Studio.


Emaunel "Mannie" Davis was born on Janaury 23rd, 1894 in Yonkers New York. As Emanuel Davidavitch to Hungarian Immigrants. His younger brother was famous Screen Gems/ Warner Bros and Depatie Freleng Enterprises director and animator, Arthur Davis, who outlived Emaunel. And he later changed his name to Davis. He also had a younger brother named Philip Davis, Who ran a liquor store in L.A. alongside Art

He Graduated Cooper Union Art School and enlisted in WW1 In the Corporal in 472'nd engineers in Washington DC For animating medical and training films. [1]

He started working in 1918 at Barre Studio for the Mutt And Jeff Cartoons, and later left in 1921 for Fleischer Bros. Then Left again in 1924 to Work at Fables Pictures Inc. working on Paul Terry's Aesops Fables Film Series, He was one of the people that stayed during the transition when Amedee J. Van Beuren took over, Mannie was one of John Foster's writing assistants during his tenure at Van Beuren. and was also a close colleague and co-director of John and his cartoons.

Work in Terrytoons[]

in 1933. He rejoined Paul Terry in his Terrytoons studio as an animator but didn't get promoted as a director for the studio until 1936 or later. He directed a lot of cartoons during his tenure Including the Popular and Memorable ones and Directing the 1942 Academy Award Short. All out for V. He also worked on Tom Terrific. He was also one of the three original directors credited for the Terrytoon cartoons starting in 1937 along with Eddie Donnelly and Connie Rasinski, He retried from directing cartoons 1961 when he was 67. But he retired from Terrytoons and his overall animation career for good in 1963. when he was around 69


He died on October 1st, 1975, he was at the age of 81. In Yonkers, New York. He passed away due to natural causes. He was survived by his younger brother Art. His wife Florence, His kids Jim and Susan as of this writing are still alive.


  • According to Charlie Judkins, In which he got the info from by Mannie's daugther Susan. Emanuel had an offership by Walt Disney to work at The Walt Disney Studio around 1929 or so, along with his younger brother Art. Even tho the reason why Mannie declined the offer was because he was starting a family and just got married, and Didn't want to leave New York City. Similarly, His younger brother. Art Davis, Got an offer for Disney around the same time but declined. [2]
  • On another note, both Art and Mannie animated on The Deputy Dawg Show on different coasts, as the show had a few episodes that were farmed out to Californian animation studios. [3]