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Martin Taras 1914-1994. was an animator for Terrytoons, Famous Studios, and More. He was well-known for being the creator of Baby Huey.


Martin Taras was born on August 9th, 1914 as Martin Bernard Taras in New York City, New York. He got his start working at Van Beuren around 1934 or earlier as an In-betweener, But left in 1935 while as an Assistant animator thanks to disputes and mistreatment of his fellow workers. And later went on over to Fleischer Studios. but was fired thanks to giving one of his co-workers. the "Hot foot" [1] . He also later went over to Terrytoons in 1937. But was fired in September of 1944 by Paul Terry to reduce costs. In which after that, He later went over to Famous Studios as an animator. Mainly working for the Dave Tendlar directed cartoons. Around 1949, He created Baby Huey when he was informed that the Famous studio bosses told the animators that they would recieve additional pay for whatever character they created would be accepted. So Taras drew Baby Huey and the outline for the cartoon and got his additional pay and that's how Baby Huey came to be! [2] But he briefly came back to Terrytoons around 1959 to 1960 as an animation director and animator. Which was short lived as he went back to Famous, Later renamed to Paramount Cartoon Studios anyway. During his time at Famous, He also done comic strips relating to his character, Baby Huey as well. [3] He also worked for Bakshi on Fritz The Cat, Heavy Traffic, The Lord Of The Rings, and Wizzards. Along with Hanna-Barbera and Krantz Productions. He was apparently called Baby Huey because of his shape, and Didn't really mind the racy material on Bakshi's films.[4] He retired after 1983 and died on November 2nd, 1994. In White Plains, New York. He had a wife and 2 Daughters, and His hobbies included Gardening, Carpentry, and Building HI-FI sets.[5]