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Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures is an animated series produced by Ralph Bakshi that stars Mighty Mouse. The series ran for two seasons from September 19, 1987 to October 22, 1988.

The series was very groundbreaking in the 1980s for its off-the-wall humor which paved the way for various animated shows in the 1990s.

However, it is more notable for a controversial scene in the episode "The Littlest Tramp" in where Mighty Mouse crushes a flower and snorts it. The scene garnered attention in the media as the scene resembled cocaine use though Bakshi has throughly denied the claim. The scene was removed from reruns of the episode. However the scene has since been restored on DVD.



  • This is the first piece of Terrytoons content to be animated overseas, as the previous Mighty Mouse series by Filmation was animated in-house.
  • This inspired many animated shows in the '90s and the overseas studio tried to capture the original work of Terrytoons and Jim Tyer's sloppy but wild animation