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Mighty Mouse Playhouse was an animated action-comedy airing on CBS, who bought the Terrytoons library earlier that year, it showcased Mighty Mouse cartoons made throughout its theatrical span. The series was credited with popularizing Mighty Mouse far beyond what the original film shorts had done, on TV the cartoons managed to reach a wider audience then what had been done by theaters.


In 1955 the retiring Paul Terry decided to sell the TerryToons studio along with their characters to 20th Century Fox (Who had distributed their films in theaters for years) and CBS, The new owner installed Gene Deitch in charge of things on June of the fallowing year, under his direction characters like Mighty Mouse, Heckle and Jeckle, and the rest were phased out of the theatrical cartoons in favor of new creations, however the classic characters still appeared, in Television. As soon as CBS gained the licence to the characters they went along making several programs show casing the previous shorts,Mighty Mouse was not extraordinarily popular in theatrical cartoons, but was still Terrytoons' most popular character, so it just made sense to give the character his own 30 minute program. No new shorts were made, and new animation was kept to a minimum, as the company firmly believed that the existing library of shorts was enough to keep youngsters tuning into CBS every Saturday morning; the library consisted of 77 shorts, enough for 26 half-hour episodes.

in 1959 studio manager Bill Weiss had gotten Gene fired and took over his job, he ended up bringing back Heckle and Jeckle for 6 new cartoons, and Mighty Mouse for 3, the 3 new cartoons boosted the number of shorts from 77 to a round 80.

The network began running Mighty Mouse Playhouse in December 1955. It remained on the air for nearly twelve years (and featured The Mighty Heroes during the final season). Mighty Mouse cartoons became a staple of children's television programming for a period of over thirty years, from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Each episode contained three Mighty Mouse theatrical cartoons and a one-shot (Sometimes with Heckle and Jeckle instead).