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The Terrytoons theatrical shorts of Mighty Mouse were released between 1942 and 1961.

The first seven films starred the character named Super Mouse. In these early films, the character's costume is much closer in design to that of Superman (blue tunic and tights with red trunks and cape).

Episodes list[]

01 "The Mouse of Tomorrow"

Mighty mouse logo-0.jpg

02 "Frankenstein's Cat"

03 "He Dood It Again"

04 "Pandora's Box"

05 "Super Mouse Rides Again"

06 "Down with Cats"

07 "The Lion and the Mouse"

The next 73 films changed the character's name to Mighty Mouse.

08 "The Wreck of the Hesperus"

09 "The Champion of Justice"

10 "Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Hyde Cat"

11 "Eliza on the Ice"

12 "Wolf! Wolf!"

13 "The Green Line"

14 "Mighty Mouse and the Two Barbers"

15 "Sultan's Birthday"

16 "At the Circus"

17 "Mighty Mouse and the Pirates"

18 "The Port of Missing Mice"

19 "Raiding the Raiders"

20 "The Kilkenny Cats"

21"The Silver Streak"

22 "Mighty Mouse and the Wolf"

23 "Gypsy Life"

24 "Mighty Mouse Meets Bad Bill Bunion"

25 "Krakatoa"

26 "Svengali's Cat"

27 "The Wicked Wolf"

28 "My Old Kentucky Home"

29 "Throwing the Bull"

30 "The Johnstown Flood"

31 "The Trojan Horse"

32 "Winning the West"

33 "The Electronic Mouse Trap"

34 "The Jail Break"

35 "The Crackpot King"

36 "Mighty Mouse and the Hep Cat"

37 "Crying Wolf"

38 "The Dead End Cats"

39 "Aladdin's Lamp"

40 "The Sky is Falling"

41 "Mighty Mouse Meets Deadeye Dick"

42 "A Date for Dinner"

43 "The First Snow"

44 "A Fight to the Finish"

45 "Swiss Cheese Family Robinson"

46 "Lazy Little Beaver"

47 "Mighty Mouse and the Magician"

48 "The Feudin' Hillbillies"

49 "The Witch's Cat"

50 "Loves Labor Won"

51 "Triple Trouble"

52 "The Mysterious Stranger"

53 "Magic Slipper"

54 "The Racket Buster"

55 "A Cold Romance"

56 "The Catnip Gang"

57 "Perils of Pearl Pureheart"

58 "Stop, Look and Listen"

59 "Anti-Cats"

60 "Law and Order"

61 "Beauty on the Beach"

62 "Mother Goose's Birthday Party"

63 "Sunny Italy"

64 "Goons from the Moon"

65 "Injun Trouble"

66 "A Swiss Miss"

67 "A Cat's Tale"

68 "Prehistoric Perils"

69 "Hansel and Gretel"

70 "Happy Holland"

71 "Hero for a Day"

72 "Hot Rods"

73 "When Mousehood was in Flower"

74 "A Soapy Opera"

75 "The Helpless Hippo"

76 "Reformed Wolf"

77 "Spare the Rod"

78 "Outer Space Visitor"

79 "The Mysterious Package"

80 "Cat Alarm"