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This is the second Dinky Duck cartoon, though he was still called Duckie at the time. It's also the only cartoon till one of his 50's shorts that showed Dinky not as an orphan but actually having biological duck parents.

Dinky/Duckie enjoys a a sweetly cute friendship with a little female chick named Chickie. A quite loving friendship as the two spend quite a lot of time hugging and cuddling each other.

Dinky- Quack(roughly translated: I wuv you)

Not unlike a teenager being overly friendly with a girl, Dinky looks around and spots a caterpiller. He and Chickie pull away from their hug and they watch the catapiller slowly crawl by. As soon as it passes they go right back to cuddling each other.

Dinky- Quack (You're my bestest friend)

They then spot a pair of frogs doing leap frog. It looks fun so Dinky suggests they try it. Chickie peeps in agreement and it's all fun until Chickie leaps over Dinky and falls into a lake.

Dinky pulls Chickie out and tries to wipe her dry, But Chickie angerly accuses him of making her fall in and almost drowning in high speed peeping and pushes him down. Dinky shrugs at the audience.

Dinky chases after the sobbing Chickie quacking he's sorry. But when they reach Chickie's irate mother hen and Chickie tells on him, prompting Mother Hen to smack poor Dinky several times on his little rear.

Crying with his feelings hurt and his little feathered rear red and sore, Dinky waddles home and cries for his own mother.


Dinky quacks what happened and outraged his mother drags him back over to Mother Hen and Chickie, and she immediately smack Chickie's bottom. Both Dinky and Chickie watch in Amazement as their mothers argue. Soon their respective husbands get involved and they themselves get into a fist fight. With Pops Rooster being the more physically impressive, he gets in more punches on Dinky's average joe dad. In seconds an all out Chicken/duck war breaks out, with both sides punching and throwing eggs at each other.

Chickie almost gets hurt narrowly dodging several eggs. Her mother tosses her back into the coop for safety. Dinky himself is in danger from getting hit and his mother put him under a saucepan for safety. Dinky wants nothing to do with the fight and runs out the back.

When eggs hit the saucepan and Mama Duck finds Dinky gone, She quacks "MY BABY MY BABY!"

As mother Hen comforts Mama duck, Papa Duck and Pops Rooster, go searching and find Dinky and Chickie.

Dinky and Chickie are back to hugging and cuddling after seeing it's better to forgive and love, than to fight and hate. Happy to have his friend back Dinky kisses Chickie on her head several times. Papa Duck and Pops Rooster, realizing their kids know better than they do, shake hands and make peace.