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Nonsense Newsreel is a 1954 Terrytoons cartoon.


We start out this cartoon with a crime investigation, With "Honest" John Ballot, Mayor of Boxville saying that he welcomes this investigation and likes that criminal elements have been driven away from this city. as he says this, Two people are shown shooting eachother. He also says that gambling is unknown. As we also see three people gambling on some money. He also says that he will never take a bribe and will perish doing so. As he accepts the bride from one of the criminals as our mayor gets hauled off into jail by a cop. We then cut to the "Society of Physcic Research" in which Professor Icup hypnotizies a man as he levitates. But he can't stop the man from levitating much to his dismay. Another gag shows that one enterprising town has taken a new way to get rid of their heavy traffic crisis.... by making a shortcut that leads into nowhere as we see the cars crashing. We then proceed to see that levitating man again as Dr Muchenfuss as he talks about the "Friendly" natives that inhabit the island. Unaware that he's about to be boiled alive and eaten by the natives, who turn out to be cannibals. After that, We see the christening with a new ship called the USS. Goliath that is proclaimed to withstand the fiercest of storms.... Only to collaspe, We also see some fashion notes with two women wearing fur coats that turn out to be a fighting cat and dog. Along with a new type gurdle which can be inflated via by a bicycle pump to get the desired size of women. Only for her to sit on a chair with a thumbtack as the inflatable explodes. And in other fashion note news, An inventor gathered up all of the racketeers to see if his latest single breasted bullet proof vest. As he proceeds to get shot. But it turns out that the vest does work, Only for the guy's water that he drank to get all over the floor because he has holes like swiss cheese. Then we get to see Swifty Schlabotka. Who is stated to have a college education and a few degrees, As he gets defeated by his own shadow. We also get to see the volcanic erruption of Mount Slopover, Which turns out to be a dud. As it spits in a spittoon. We also see a zoo in which a Zookeeper gets a big bucket of raw meat for our lion, Only to end up being eaten by the lion. To wrap things up, An army missile comes straight at the camera as it explodes as we see "The End" title card with the levitating man still intact.

Running Gag[]

The Levitating man flying in some of the scenes after he got hypnotized