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Oscar the Timid Pig is a minor character in Terrytoons. He first made his first debut in the 1940 short, "How Wet Was My Ocean". He was usually paired up with Sourpuss until he was replaced by Gandy Goose. His name is revealed to be Oscar in the 1941 short "What A Little Sneeze Will Do".


He is a rotund anthropomorphic pig who has different outfits in his appearances. In "How Wet Was My Ocean", Oscar has a white belt with blue and red striped swimming trunks with black shoes and white gloves. In "What a Little Sneeze Will Do", Oscar has a tuxedo with a fedora. Also in "Fishing Made Easy", he wears a polo shirt with jeans and a safari hat with boots. Finally in "Seeing Ghosts", Oscar has a white shirt and overalls with a white cap and gloves.


Oscar's personality is nervous, meek, shy, and mostly timid, as he is usually referred to as the Timid Pig.


How Wet Was My Ocean[]

The Timid Pig's first appearance. He is seen trying to conquer his fear of the ocean by trying to dive into the water. He also unintentionally ruins Sourpuss the Cat's fishing time and even manages to cook a fish at the end of the short.

What a Little Sneeze Will Do[]

The Timid Pig is given the name Oscar and he tries to pass up the offer on several medications, but he can't seem to say no to the salesmen. Eventually, after a bottle hallucination, he unintentionally sneezes out the last salesman and walks away quite content.

Fishing Made Easy[]

Oscar appears once again as a comedic foil for Sourpuss, as he manages to attract more fish than him using a book on How to Fish Properly. Eventually, Sourpuss mocks Oscar for not getting more fish than him, though it is revealed that Oscar has several fish on the back of his shirt and pants.

Seeing Ghosts[]

Oscar's final appearance. He goes to an abandoned and run down house with his dog and is eventually scared out of the house by a bunch of ghosts.

In Other Media[]

Oscar the Timid Pig is one of the two Terrytoons characters to make a cameo appearance in the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He appears during the final scene in the crowd of Toons (along with Looey Lion from The Temperamental Lion) gathered at the Acme Factory with his attire from How Wet Was My Ocean.


• Oscar the Timid Pig is one of the only minor characters who was never revived in Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (1987 - 1988) in favor of other Terrytoon characters such as Gandy Goose, Sourpuss, Heckle and Jeckle, and Deputy Dawg being revived.