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As of February 15th 2022, Paramount Global is the current name of the studio that includes CBS, Viacom and Paramount Pictures. After the recent re-merger of CBS and Viacom/Paramount, it was decided to make the company name Paramount to match the streaming service, Paramount+, which itself is a rebranding of the CBS All Access streaming service.

With Amazon buying MGM and Disney buying 20th Century, the remaining major studios are Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Sony, and Paramount. Amazon/MGM and Lionsgate, to a lesser extent, might also be considered major studios.

Paramount Pictures took over distribution of Terrytoons from 20th Century Fox in 1994, and distributed them theatrically. After the CBS/Viacom split, CBS ended up with all of the TV assets and Paramount ended up with of the the movie assets. Today, all of Terrytoons are owned by Paramount Global.