Phillip August Scheib or Known as Phil Scheib was a Terrytoons Composer,Conductor,And Voice Actor from 1930 - 1968

Biography Edit

He was Born on April 14 1894 in New York City, New York

Around 1930. He Came to the Newly Formed Terrytoons studio and Composed the score for it's First Cartoon. Caviar! Then he composed all of the Terrytoons shorts before it stopped making Animation for 20th Century Fox in 1968.

He was also a Voice Actor for One of the bears in the Terry Bears from The Early 1950's to 1955.

He Later Retired and was Replaced by Jim Timmens and Andrew Larwence.

He Died in April of 1969 at the Age of 74/75 In Westchester New York,

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