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Philip August Scheib or Known as Phil Scheib was a Terrytoons Composer,Conductor,And Voice Actor from 1930 - 1963/1964


Scheib was born on April 14 1894 in New York City, New York as Philip August Scheib. Early in his youth, he went to Germany to study music and recieved a diploma from the Stern Conservatory of Music in Berlin around 1911/1912 when Scheib was 17,[1] He worked as a musical director for various opera productions and had his own band for a short time. About 1930 he was hired by Paul Terry to compose and conduct music for the Terrytoons cartoon studio. Scheib worked in a peppy jazz style, his distinctive sound due to his use of clever arrangements for brass and woodwinds to make his scores sound like a larger orchestra. He composed mostly original scores for the studio as Terry wanted to avoid paying royalty fees for copyrighted songs. However, Scheib occasionally referenced public domain tunes including "Ain't We Got Fun" and "The Good Ship Lollipop" in his scores, About 1957, Scheib, working under Gene Deitch, the new manager of Terrytoons Studio, began to experiment more, using an exotic original theme for the Sidney The Elephant series and developing a French-café theme based around the accordion for the Gaston Le Crayon series. He occasionally provided voice acting for Terrytoons, including the voice of one of the Terry Bears in the Terry Bears series. Scheib continued composing until 1964, when he retired and Jim Timmens and Elliot Larwence took over musical direction for Terrytoons. Scheib was 75 when he died in April of 1969 in Westchester, New York.

Personal life[]

Sometime in his life, He married Adeliade L. and in 1931, Barbara Ann was born.