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Ralph Bakshi is an animator, Layout artist, director, and creator of James Hound and The Mighty Heroes for Terrytoons and was the one who made the first Fritz-The Cat movie as well. [1]


Ralph Bakshi was born on October 29, 1938 in Hafia, Palestine to Mina and Elizear Bakshi who Immigrated with a baby Ralph in 1939 to avoid WWII. He grew up in Brownsville, New York but briefly lived in Washington, D.C. and attended an All-black school before brief controversey arose. After picking up Gene Byrne's "Complete guide to cartooning" at the local library at age 15. He was bound to become a cartoonist, And briefly attended Thomas Jefferson High School. But later attended the Manhattan Industrial School of Art thanks to his Prinicpal around 1956,[1] In the same year, Cosmo Anzilotti. Bakshi's friend, got hired at Terrytoons and reccomened the still Teenage Ralph to join. and after a talk with Franl "Sparky" Schudde. He was in the studio, Originally as a Cel Polisher [2] but rose up to the ranks of an Ink and Paint artist. Some of his mentors at Terrytoons including animators like Connie Rasinski and Jim Tyer. In which Bakshi got along with Tyer very well and held him up on a high pedestal, Calling him as "Jim's the only guy here who's cartooning, You all are copying Bill Tytla and poorly at that"[3]. Bakshi later became an animator and director at the studio, Animating stuff like Deputy Dawg and the later Mighty Mouse cartoons. and was also the guy who created James Hound and The Mighty Heros for the series too. But he left in 1967 and took Cosmo Anzilotti with him to work for Famous Studios. Which proved to be short lived as the studio closed less than a few months later.[4] He also had a brief encounter working with "Rocket Robin Hood" that gave him trouble, along with meeting Steve Krantz. and founded "Bakshi Productions" and later in 1969, "Ralph's Spot". Baskhi Productions also made the Fritz the Cat movie. Which included a lot of personell from the Famous/Terrytoon studios like Jim Tyer, John Gentilella, Martin Taras, Johnny Vita, and more alongside with former Warner Bros personell when production moved to California like Manny Perez, Virgil Ross, Rod Scribner, and Norm McCabe also among others. [5] and in 1972, The film was released. Bakshi also made Heavy Traffic, Coonskin. Which garnered a LOT of controversey despite the film having a satircal and political message. an animated adpatation of Lord of The Rings, Wizzards, Hey Good Lookin, and Cool World. and he also made Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures as well, But after some more brief T.V. stints and 2015's "Last Days of Coney Isalnd". He retired from animation and apparently resides in New Mexico now.


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