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Salt Water Taffy is a 1930 Terrytoons cartoon.


We start with a Mouse sailor named with Salty McGuire. Who introduces himself as "I'm Salty McGuire the gob! You'll always find me on the job! When a Ship's in distress then who cleans up the mess, Yes why it's Salty McGuire the Gob!" He then proceeds to do a little dance and then continues his introduction and after that. We get to see some various gags on the Seaside. Mainly with a Big Hippo lady who gets carried onto the boat.... But is too fat which causes the boat to sink into the ocean. Then we see some mice riding on turtles who then fall into the water and after that, We get to see a Mosqutio who is preparing to dine on the blood of people. Which we see another Mosquito who is fat and bloated from dining on said blood. Then we get to see the Mosquito trying to get the blood of an elephant.... Who's trunk squashes the Skinny Mosqutio from dining on his innards. and we end this cartoon with a shark chase that ends with Salty McGuire shooting the shark and him getting the girl. Cause the hero always gets the girl at the end!


  • The Animation draft for this cartoon exists
  • Some elements of this cartoon will later be rehashed in a 1937 Terrytoon short. "Salty McGuire"