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The Dead End Cats is a 1947 Mighty Mouse cartoon.


A 1930s gangster-film atmosphere prevails as Mighty Mouse takes on a rough gang of racketeer cats. The mouse prevails, too. A front-page newspaper headline reads: "Mighty Mouse licks cats again.


The film opens to show a town of mice happily rejoicing as Mighty Mouse has once again saved the day. A group of mob cats are subsequently ordered to take him out, doing so by trapping his bed in a safe, surrounding it by concrete, and dropping it in a body of water. With Mighty Mouse gone, the cats go about terrorizing the mice again, trapping a large number of them in a cage. In the mean time, Mighty Mouse manages to break free from his concrete prison and takes off in pursuit of the cats who are fleeing in their speedboat. The boss cat spots him and launches a missile, knocking Mighty Mouse unconscious. He soon regains his consciousness and turns the missile back towards the speedboat, blowing it up and saving the mice from their cage.