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The Deputy Dawg Show was an animated comedy series that was originally produced from 1959-1964. But aired in Syndication up until 1972

in syndication. It was the second cartoon that was a made-for-TV production of the Terrytoons studio. The First was Tom Terrific.


Deputy Dawg was the loyal but none-too-bright canine lawman of a backwoods Tennessee precinct, Creekmud Junction. The animals that live in the nearby swamp tend to give Deputy Dawg a hard time. Most of the trouble stems from Muskie Muskrat and his predilection of stealing eggs from the Sheriff's henhouse. Three incidental characters would be spun off from this show into their own. A little green 4 year old space alien would become Astronut, Mischa Mouse would become Macon Mouse for the theatrical Possible Possum series, and the Long Island Duckling would become Duckwood.


Deputy Dawg

Muskie Muskrat

Vincet Van Gopher

The Sheriff

Supporting Characters[]



Mischa Mouse

Deputy Dawg's Nephew

Mrs. Deputy

Ty Coon

Mr. Alligator.


  • The show was originally going to be called "Possible Possum" (Not to be confused with the Other Possible Possum) And involved Muskie Muskrat as a Possum, With him being the main star of the show while Deputy Dawg was originally designed as an Atagonist with Other characters that had a similar feel to Walt Kelly's "Pogo". although that was scrapped when Bill Weiss and Larz Bourne ditched the old concept and turned Possible Possum into Muskie Muskrat, Dubbed over Every mention of Possible Possum when half of the cartoons that are involved with the original name was already filmed and aired. And made Deputy Dawg the protagonist. But the Possum idea was later used and was it's own cartoon series from 1965-1971 (Albeit the show taking place in a country store near Rural Georgia instead of a Swamp and other stuff like that). [ 1]
  • Likewise, Deputy Dawg and Muskie had different designs. With Deputy having Hound-Jowls and was more rough with his star being colored blue and Deputy Himself being colored Grey before being redesigned and being colored Pure White, While Muskie was originally a Possum instead of a Muskrat.


Dayton Allen: All voices including Deputy Dawg, Muskie Muskrat, Vincent Van Gopher, The Sheriff, and so on


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