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The Explorer is the 29th Terrytoon and The 2nd Farmer Al Falfa Cartoon to be Produced Under Terrytoons. It was released on March 22nd, 1931


Our Old friend Farmer Al Falfa Goes out exploring to The North Pole in his flying car, As we then cut to a Donkey flying on a kite while a cat hangs on from the kite, as the cat falls off the kite and dies. As other cats and mice are in awe at Al's flying car as they go on the flight with him by their own planes, Complete with Skunks in the back as they show up near Al's flying car and makes a scene. As other mice and a long dog is shown flying as well as Al makes it into the North Pole as two seals dance and a bear skates as he invites Farmer Al to skate along, as Farmer Al Falfa then buys the North Pole from the bear who is a caricature of a stereotypical Jewish Peddler who doesn't legally has the rights to sell the pole to Al but does it anyway, In the end. Al comes back home from the North Pole as the dog hands The old farmer his prize..... A bunch of Skunks as Farmer Al Falfa runs away into the Sunset, ending this cartoon.


  • A Good chunk of this cartoon is cut out on the CBS print because of the bear being a racially stereotypical Jewish caricature