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The First Robin is a 1939 one-shot Terrytoons cartoon.


Two robins try to make their home, and have their babies in a tree apartment, but it's not as easy as one might think!


A young newly-wed robin couple move into a tree apartment. After being brought over the threshold, she gets ignored by Hubby who wants to listen to the radio. Later, she bakes some biscuits, but they prove to be brick-like, one even crashing through the table and floor. He bravely downs one, but he can't pretend to enjoy it. she bursts into tears and leaves. He decides he can take over, putting on her apron and mobcap while incongruously smoking a cigar. Apparently lacking not only cookery skills, but common sense as well,


he salts and boils a can of beans in a saucepan on the stove. It explodes, leaving beans all splattered above. He mounts a stack of boxes and chairs to pick them off the ceiling one by one. Missus returns, and they have a screaming match, and now he leaves. Now out sitting (literally) in the dog house, he waits for her to cool down, but just then the stork has come calling, and their family is completed with a cradle full of hatching eggs.